Electric scooter sales in Taiwan soon to reach annual goal of 100,000

Electric scooter sales expected to surpass 150,000 units by end of year

Gogoro rider swaps batteries at battery charging station

Gogoro rider swaps batteries at battery charging station (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The number of electric scooters sold in Taiwan is expected to reach the annual goal of 100,000 units in the coming days.

According to the latest data from the Industrial Development Bureau, electric scooter sales in Taiwan had reached 98,175 by Oct. 15. The annual goal is likely to be met two months early in the coming days, showing that the island’s electric scooter market has cleared the challenges of its initial stage of development, said the bureau.

The bureau expects sales of electric scooters to further increase in the next two months, as government subsidies for the vehicles will be reduced year by year starting in 2020. Scooter manufacturers are also likely to offer promotional deals to boost their year-end sales, the bureau said, adding that the scooter sales could surpass the 150,000 mark by the end of the year.

Sales of electric scooters in Taiwan were first recorded by authorities in 2009, with only 27 being sold the first year. The number of annual sales continued to fluctuate in the thousands range over the years until June 2015, when Taiwanese electric scooter brand Gogoro, which was founded in 2011, launched its first generation of electric scooters.

Gogoro quickly racked up record-breaking sales with nearly 10,000 units sold in half a year, and its initial success marked the beginning of a boom in Taiwan’s electric scooter market. Following the release of its second-generation scooter in 2017, Gogoro’s annual sales surged to 78,676 in 2018.

In view of Gogoro’s success and the government’s plan to gradually phase out petrol vehicles, several other Taiwanese scooter brands have jumped on the electric bandwagon in recent years in hopes of getting a share in this emerging market.

In addition to Gogoro, which continues to release new models on a yearly basis, Yamaha Motors, Aeon Motor, the China Motor Corporation, and Kymco launched their own new electric scooters this year. However, Gogoro remains dominant over its competitors, with its scooters accounting for 95 percent of total sales this year, according to the data.