Taiwan police help Chinese woman recover NT$10 million from fraudsters

‘Taiwan has nice scenery and nicer people': Chinese victim of scam

Bags seized from suspects in scam case (Taichung Prosecutors Office)

Bags seized from suspects in scam case (Taichung Prosecutors Office)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taiwan Taichung District Prosecutors Office (台中地檢署) told the press on Wednesday (Oct. 16) that the police have solved a case of fraud committed by an organized scam group and were able to return NT$10.4 million (US$340,000) to a Chinese woman who fell prey to the fraudsters.

Police said they first received reports of the fraudulent group, led by a 30-year-old Taiwanese man surnamed Chung (鍾) and his girlfriend, surnamed Ko (柯), in 2017. They said it was extremely difficult to track them down since they were living abroad, reported Radio Taiwan International.

In April, the police were notified that Chung and his associates had relocated to Los Angeles, and the suspects were captured under Taiwan's Cross-strait Joint Fight against Crime and Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement with the U.S., reported Liberty Times. A total of 22 suspects were charged with fraud.

According to the Chinese victim, who is surnamed Han (韓), Chung contacted her pretending to be a district attorney, accused her of being involved in a money-laundering operation, and instructed her to log in to the "prosecutor's office" website using her bank account number and password. Han added that at the time, she was too scared to ask questions.

Han praised Taiwan's police as being incredibly efficient and said she was very grateful to retrieve her savings. Accompanied by her husband, Han presented a thank you certificate to the Taichung police, reported CNA.

Chinese woman presents thank you certificate (Taichung Prosecutors Office)