Taiwan Grand Lottery winner donates NT$25 million to 11 charities

NT$406 million Taiwan Grand Lottery jackpot winner donates NT$25 million to 11 charitable groups

(Taiwan Lottery Corp. photo)

(Taiwan Lottery Corp. photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The July winner of the NT$406 million (US$13.2 million) Grand Lottery (大樂透) jackpot has decided to donate NT$25 million to charity, announced the Taiwan Lottery Corp. on Tuesday (Oct. 15).

Taiwan Lottery Corp. General Manager Tsai Kuo-chi (蔡國基) on Tuesday congratulated the winner of the Grand Lottery jackpot with an oversized check for NT$25 million and said that the person had generously donated the money to 11 social welfare organizations, reported Liberty Times. Tsai said that the winner is a Kaohsiung man in his 30s.

According to Tsai, the winner had been in the habit of buying one lottery ticket per week. On the day of his lucky purchase, however, the man had a cold, and the clerk misunderstood a gesture made with his index finger to request one ticket for NT$50 to mean two for NT$100, one of which had the winning number for the NT$406 million jackpot, according to the report.

Among the 11 charities were the CTBC Charity Foundation and four animal shelters: the Tainan Animal Care Society (台南市流浪動物愛護協會), Love Dog (台灣幸福狗流浪中途協會), the Kaohsiung Association of Caring for Stray Animals (高雄市關懷流浪動物協會), and Hsu Wen-liang (徐園長護生園), each of which received a donation of NT$1 million. Tsai said that the donated funds will aid 100,000 socially disadvantaged people and 530 stray animals, reported CNA.