Tropical Storm Neoguri could form east of Taiwan today

Tropical Storm Neoguri predicted to come closest to Taiwan by weekend

NOAA animated GIF of Western Pacific.

NOAA animated GIF of Western Pacific.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A tropical depression could intensify as soon as today (Oct. 16) into Tropical Storm Neoguri (浣熊), the 20th tropical storm this year, and is expected to come closest to Taiwan by the weekend.

Presently, Tropical Depression TD26 is loitering in the Pacific to the east of the Philippines. Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecaster Chen Chien-an (陳建安) said that the structure of the tropical cyclone is "not bad," and as it is still far from any landmasses, it has the potential to continue developing.

According to Chen, if the depression develops into Tropical Storm Neoguri, it appears bound for the Bashi Channel just to the south of Taiwan. Based on its present course, Chen predicts Neoguri will not make landfall in Taiwan but will likely bring rain to the eastern part of the country.

Chen said that based on current projections, Neoguri will reach the Bashi Channel or the northern Philippines by Saturday or Sunday (Oct. 19 or 20). In addition to rain in eastern Taiwan, the north of the island will see increased cloud cover and intermittent rain over the weekend.

As for the weather today, temperatures were cool in the morning, with the mercury hovering between 21 and 24 degrees Celsius. In the early morning, northern Taiwan saw its temperature dip to 21 degrees, the coldest temperature seen this week.

In terms of daytime highs, northern Taiwan will see a high of between 26 and 30 degrees, while central and southern Taiwan will see the mercury climb to between 32 and 34 degrees. Chen said that the northeasterly winds will begin to weaken slightly by Monday or Tuesday, but northern and eastern Taiwan could still see brief showers.