Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs lists supportive European nations

During the week celebrating Double Ten Day in Taiwan, it was noted that several countries have voiced their support for Taiwan

The MOFA praised Taiwan's European friends on its Facebook page.

The MOFA praised Taiwan's European friends on its Facebook page.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has posted an image on its Facebook page of the European countries recently expressing support for the island.

The graphic was limited to just one week, which included the country’s Double Ten Day, the Liberty Times reported. Pope Francis, the head of state of Taiwan’s only diplomatic ally in Europe, the Vatican, wished the people of the island “peace and prosperity” for National Day, MOFA said.

In the Czech Republic, the president of the Senate attended a Double Ten Day celebration, organized by Taiwan’s office in Prague. Members of Parliament in th U.K. and Italy voiced their support for Taiwan joining Interpol, while the Netherlands’ lower house of parliament approved a motion in favor of the island nation’s participation in international organizations in general, MOFA said.

The ministry also noted that its Swedish counterpart had submitted a report to parliament advocating the continued development of relations with Taiwan.