Taiwan police arrest 5 in largest drug bust in Kinmen's history

500 kg of ephedrine smuggled from China discovered inside bed frames in Kinmen County

Drugs hidden inside customized bed frames in Kinmen. 

Drugs hidden inside customized bed frames in Kinmen.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Fuchien Kinmen District Prosecutors Office announced Tuesday (Oct. 15) at a press conference that it has solved the largest drug trafficking case in the history of Kinmen County, finding 500 kg of ephedrine with a market value of NT$500 million (US$16.3 million).

Deputy Minister of Justice Chang Tou-hui (張斗輝) and Wang Tien-sheng (王添盛), chief prosecutor of the Taiwan High Prosecutor's Office, are among the officials that attended the press conference. The sea patrol officers who made the bust were also recognized for their sharp perception, reported UDN.

Chang stressed the importance of coastline inspections and praised all personnel involved. Wang said he was surprised to learn the suspects had used Kinmen as a springboard for smuggling drugs from China to Taiwan, reported CNA.

Police told the press that the five suspects had used bed frames to conceal drugs while pretending to move house, but the sea patrols grew suspicious when they noticed that the bed frames were too heavy and had very unique shapes. Approximately 500 kg of ephedrine, an odorless powdered substance that affects the central nervous system, was found, and the suspects are being prosecuted.