Fall and winter travel subsidies well received by tourism industry: Taiwan Tourism Bureau

The program came into effect on Sept. 1 and will run through December

(Tainan City Government photo)

(Tainan City Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan Tourism Bureau said in a news release that its fall and winter domestic travel subsidy program has been well received by the travel and hotel industry across the country.

The program came into effect on Sept. 1 and will run through December.

Using the Matsu area as an example, the bureau said that from Sept. 1, when the program began, through Oct. 4, Matsu booked 7,333 rooms with a total subsidy of about NT$5 million.

Under the subsidization program, tour groups as well as individuals staying at any hotels or bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) across Taiwan, which participate in the program, will be subsidized. The subsidy program offers the basic subsidy measure and a second additional subsidy measure for stays in certain towns or offshore islands.

Under the basic subsidy measure, independent travelers will receive NT$1,000 per hotel room, provided they stay at a participating hotel between Sunday and Friday.

Travelers who stay at a participating hotel or B&B in the towns or offshore islands designated by the bureau for a second night will receive another subsidy of NT$1,000 per room. Only Taiwan citizens are eligible for the subsidies, and each citizen can only make use of the program once.

Members of the public can find all the participating hotels and B&Bs via the program’s website, and then book a room by contacting the hotel operator, or via the Taiwanstay website.

Travelers wishing to use the subsidy program have to upload their ID photo files via this site. After that, when the applicants show their ID documents at the hotels they are visiting, they will receive discounted hotel rates with NT$1,000 subtracted from the original rate.