Time is ripe to savor Taiwan's peiyu

Peiyus taste similar to pomelos but are more succulent

(Tainan District Agricultural Research Extension Station photo)

(Tainan District Agricultural Research Extension Station photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — After relishing pomelos during Mid-Autumn Festival, it's time for the native fruit of Tainan's Madou District, the peiyu (大白柚), to take center stage.

The Tainan District Agriculture Research Extension Station, under the Council of Agriculture, said on its website that there are three main aspects to consider when picking the right peiyu.

  1. Appearance and Color: smooth skin, even distribution of oil cells, and a color that ranges from yellow-green to yellow.
  2. Shape: spherical or oblate and proportional, not distorted or pointed.
  3. Weight: a hefty weight of approximately 1-2 kg is best.

The station added that peiyus are rich in fiber, vitamin C, and minerals. They should be placed in a cool, ventilated place and can last up to two months. Once the fruit has an apparent scent, it is ready to be consumed.

In comparison to pomelos, peiyus are more succulent but generally resemble their flavor. They are harvested mainly from October to November.

This year’s peiyus are in great condition, as there has been plenty of sunshine and rain, according to the station.