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Taiwan faces cool week ahead

Sunny holiday to be followed by cool Oct.14-18 period

Sunny holiday to be followed by cooler week.

Sunny holiday to be followed by cooler week. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Following a sunny and warm four-day Double Ten holiday, Taiwan is facing a cold and humid week ahead, the Central Weather Bureau forecast Saturday (October 12).

The northeasterly wind is likely to gain strength beginning Monday (October 14), the Central News Agency reported.

The wind will force minimum temperatures down to 20 or 21 degrees Celsius in northern and eastern Taiwan, with occasional rain also likely.

The morning of the last day of the holiday would only see rain in Hualien and Taitung on the east coast and on Pingtung County’s Hengchun Peninsula in the far south, forecasters said. Thunderstorms would expand their reach to other parts of Southern Taiwan and to the mountains of Central Taiwan during the rest of Sunday.

From October 14 through 18, the forecast was for cool weather and occasional rain in the north and east, and for sunny to cloudy skies in the center and south, with afternoon thundershowers in the mountains, the Central Weather Bureau said.

Updated : 2022-05-28 23:01 GMT+08:00