Cat causes power cut in western Taiwan

Several neighborhoods in Yunlin County were plunged into total darkness and the outage affected nearly 4,000 households

Cat graffiti (Pixabay photo)

Cat graffiti (Pixabay photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Several neighborhoods in Yunlin County, western Taiwan, were plunged into total darkness on Friday (Oct. 11) evening after a cat stepped on an electrical switch.

This caused a short circuit and led to a power outage in several neighborhoods near Dounan Train Station, said Chao Shu-fen (趙淑芬), who is responsible for operations at Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) in Yunlin. Approximately 3,780 households were affected and the outage lasted more than an hour, she added.

The power cut occurred during dinner time, leaving local residents astonished and confused, reports said. The trains were not affected as there was standby power, but the train station’s lighting system powered off.

Power resumed at 8:05 p.m. after troubleshooting by Taipower employees. One of them said the cat may have encountered the electrical equipment by walking through a space reserved for workers installing street lights and pipe lines.

The cat was injured and had four kittens nearby. The cat and her kittens were sent to a veterinary hospital by local residents, reports said.