Italy starts petition supporting Taiwan’s attendance at Interpol

Italian senators say excluding Taiwan from participation is ‘unbelievable’ and against the spirit of `Universal Human Rights'

International Criminal Police Organization

International Criminal Police Organization (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Sixteen senators from the Italian Parliament have launched a petition to support Taiwan's participation in the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) General Assembly that will take place in Santiago, Chile on Tuesday (Oct. 15).

According to Washington Times, Taiwan has been excluded from Interpol for the past 35 years. Furthermore, it has been denied access to the I-24/7 Global Police Communications System since China's admission as an Interpol member in 1984.

Italian senators Lucio Malan, Marco Di Maio, Alessandro Pagano said in their petition letter that excluding Taiwan from Interpol made Taiwan a target for international criminals and provided them with a global law and order loophole. The senators also said Taiwan's police force has achieved remarkable results and should be considered as part of the global police community, reported CNA.

Italian legislators have started a petition to support Taiwan's participation at the 88th INTERPOL General Assembly (CNA photo)

The letter emphasized the only reason Taiwan is excluded from Interpol is for political reasons, which the senators described as "unbelievable." It also pointed out this is a violation of Article 2 in the Interpol Constitution, which states the organization should ensure the cooperation of all criminal police agencies in the spirit of "Universal Human Rights," above geographic, ethnical or political factors.

Criminal Investigation Bureau Commissioner Huang Ming-chao (黃明昭) has appealed to the international community to allow Taiwan to join the annual Interpol assembly, even as an observer. Huang said Taiwan can assist this effort by engaging in closer cooperation with international police agencies, reported Taiwan News.