Taiwan media tycoon sentenced to 26 months for prison corruption scandal

Wang paid for extra newspapers and prison office with food, cosmetics, vouchers: court

Media tycoon Gary Wang.

Media tycoon Gary Wang. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Media tycoon Gary Wang (王令麟) was sentenced to two years and two months on Wednesday (October 9) for buying off a prison official, who received a 16-year sentence.

Wang, the founder of the Eastern Media empire and a former Kuomintang legislator, was permitted to sign documents from his business group while serving a previous sentence.

The deputy warden of the Taipei Prison, Su Ching-chun (蘇清俊), also allowed other prisoners, including senior organized crime figures, to receive benefits in return for payment, leading to his 16-year prison sentence, the Liberty Times reported.

Several other prison officials received sentences of between six and 11 years in jail. Wang’s secretary, like Wang, was sentenced to two years and two months, and a gangster was given two years and six months.

Two prison officials and a spouse were found not guilty. Appeals against the sentences of a total of 23 suspects are still possible, CNA reported.

Wang reportedly paid off Su with expensive food, tea, cosmetics, steaks, and vouchers for hot springs, according to the Liberty Times. In return, he was allowed to use a room as his office, receive six newspapers each day, and review business documents as if he were still working at his company.

The tycoon denied the allegations, saying he had been following the prison's rules from start to finish, whether he was subscribing to newspapers or receiving documents or guests.