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LSE issues formal statement confirming Taiwan president's PhD

LSE confirms Taiwan President Tsai 'correctly awarded PhD in Law in 1984'

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The London School of Economics (LSE) on Tuesday (Oct. 8) formally issued an official statement verifying the validity of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen's (蔡英文) Ph.D. and listed academic institutions that contain records of her degree and dissertation.

In response to endless challenges by political opponents over the authenticity of Tsai's Ph.D. degree and dissertation, LSE on its website unequivocally reaffirmed that Tsai did indeed receive her degree from the university. The announcement then listed academic institutions that have long-term records attesting to the existence of her dissertation.

The announcement stated that LSE and University of London records "confirm that Dr Tsai was correctly awarded a PhD in Law in 1984." It explained that degrees at the time were awarded through the University of London and that the dissertation would have first been kept in the university's Senate House Library, a detail conspiracy theorists seem to have missed, as they have continuously focused on the LSE library.

LSE wrote that Senate House Library archives verify that a copy of the dissertation was received and, in turn, sent to the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), yet another location conspiracy theorists and amateur investigators failed to search. The announcement stated that the IALS index document “Legal Research in the United Kingdom 1905-1984," which was published in 1985, contains Tsai's dissertation, "Unfair trade practices and safeguard actions."

The statement pointed out that Tsai had presented a copy of her dissertation to the LSE library in June for members of the public to view. It added that Tsai has also donated a digital version of her personal copy to the National Central Library in Taiwan, which can now be freely downloaded online.

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