Tizzy Bac beer celebrates 20th anniversary

Indie rock band will mark 20 years in the music biz with craft beer launch and year-end concert

Tizzy Bac's craft beer (Lyla Liu photo)

Tizzy Bac's craft beer (Lyla Liu photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan indie rock band Tizzy Bac is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the launch of a craft beer and a concert at the end of the year.

Tizzy Bac veterans include vocalist Chen Hua-ting (陳惠婷) and drummer Lin Chien-yuan (林前源). The Golden Melody Award winning band will also mark two decades in the business by releasing a vinyl record.

Chen said it has not been easy lasting two decades as there have been lots of ups and downs, including bass player, Hsu Che-yu (許哲毓) passing away from cancer last year. Chen said the idea of launching a craft beer was to celebrate the past.

The name of the beer, Bone Fracture (開放性骨折), is taken from one of their songs. "There have been setbacks in our lives and the pain aches like a bone fracture, so we want to heal the people who are suffering from their 'bone fractured lives' with our music and the beer," said Lin.

The craft beer is a collaboration with Taihu Brewing and includes elderflower, apple cider and lemon juice. The label was created by the renowned designer and curator, Joe Feng (方序中).

You can check out the sweet and sour beer at Huashan 1914 Creative Park from Oct. 18-20. In addition, Chen will be a bartender for the day, while Lin will perform chef duties for the pop-up event.

The Tizzy Bac XX concert will showcase the band’s classics and take place on Dec. 14. Tickets will be available to purchase online from Thursday (Oct. 10). For more information, visit the website and Facebook page.