Intel CEO visits Taiwan for first time in 7 years

New Intel head Bob Swan promises to continue partnership with Taiwanese companies

Intel CEO Bob Swan (

Intel CEO Bob Swan (

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — After taking office at the world's leading processor company in January, Intel's new CEO Bob Swan visited Taiwan for the first time on Monday (Oct. 7) and said he was greatly impressed by the country's technology companies.

Swan's visit to Taiwan is especially notable since the last time an Intel CEO visited Taiwan was 7 years ago. Swan said Tuesday that Taiwan plays a major role in the world of global technology and that he decided to visit to gain a better understanding of its technology ecosystem, reported CNA.

According to the Liberty Times, Swan met with 80 Taiwanese business owners over dinner on Monday evening. Swan said he had read about the spirit of Taiwanese entrepreneurs but that he was even more impressed after hearing their stories in person.

Swan emphasized that Intel has been in Taiwan for 35 years and has more than 1000 employees. As the demand for microprocessors increases, the island has become even more indispensable, he said.

The CEO also promised to continue Intel's partnership with Taiwanese companies. He is expected to return to next year for Computex Taipei 2020.