Taiwan club spoofs famous EDM DJs for Halloween party in Taichung

Poster for 'Be Somebody Festival' at XCUBE features parody versions of Skrillex, Steve Aoki, and Armin van Buuren

(XCUBE event poster)

(XCUBE event poster)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – For Halloween this year in Taiwan, one club’s planned party is already capturing international attention for its marketing idea of parodying famous Electronic Dance Music (EDM) DJs.

This month on Saturday (Oct. 26), the XCUBE club, located in Taichung’s Nantun District (南屯區), will be hosting the “Be Somebody Festival.” One line on the event advertisement on Facebook reads “Bravely doing someone else’s Halloween festival.”

The for the event began grabbing attention among EDM groups after it was published last week on Sept. 27. The poster features three people spoofing three of the EDM genre’s most commercially successful DJs, including Skrillex, Armin van Buuren, and Steve Aoki.

However, the Taiwanese DJs for this EDM festival have been identified as Skrelax, Steve Aniki, and Armin van Bullsxxt. Some people posting on the Facebook event page wondered what the artists being imitated think of the event.

“No way this is real?!?!! Lmao I sense A lawsuit coming soon” remarked one commenter. Assuming there are no problems, fans of the already famous EDM musicians will likely enjoy the selection of music offered by their Taiwanese counterparts.

Like the DJs themselves, the festival encourages party-goers to come in costume. Those that do will get in for cheaper than regular admission, according to the Facebook event page.

Entry for guys is NT$700, or NT$500 if they are in costume. Entry for girls is only NT$300, or free if they come in costume.

Event poster for "Be Somebody Festival"