Wikipedia becomes a battleground for Taiwan and China

The online encyclopedia has become a source of conflict as editors change information on politically sensitive subjects

Wikipedia (Pixabay)

Wikipedia (Pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Wikipedia has become a battlefield between Taiwanese and Chinese, who are clashing over sensitive topics such as the identities of Taiwan and Hong Kong.

According to UDN, the Hong Kong protest page was edited 65 times in one day, mainly on the issue of whether Hongkongers should be referred to as "rioters" or "protesters."

The identity of Taiwan was changed from "a country in East Asia" to "a province of People’s Republic of China." The student-led Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 were also altered to describe them as riots.

Differences of opinion happen constantly on Wikipedia, but Jamie Lin (林立云) from Wikimedia Taiwan believes the Chinese government is behind these editorial changes. Lin said the Chinese government is asserting its claims above other Wikipedia editors, according to the BBC.

Liberty Times said Chinese government officials and scholars have long encouraged Chinese users to alter any information against China on Wikipedia.