Taiwan launches AI Hub to upgrade industries

Platform will help industry players upgrade in age of artificial technologies

Taiwan launches AI Hub to upgrade industries (CNA photo)

Taiwan launches AI Hub to upgrade industries (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taiwanese government launched its AI Hub on Wednesday (Oct. 2) to help industry players secure a strong foothold in the market of advanced technologies.

Set up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the platform is tasked with assisting in industry demand assessments, business networking, and the creation of value-added smart products, reported CNA.

As part of the AI action plan announced earlier this year, the AI Hub is aimed at helping businesses upgrade their services through the incorporation of AI technologies. The government will act as a bridge between academia and industries to ensure that resources and expertise in the field are maximized, according to the Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan.

The MOFA-commissioned Institute for Information Industry is dedicated to the operation of the AI Hub. A total of 16 associations from the sectors of electrical engineering, textiles, occupational safety, architecture, chemical engineering, and retailing have been enrolled in the program, said the report.

In addition, around 130 startups comprising over 100 AI professionals and cloud service businesses have participated in the project, which has led to 68 AI solutions.

In celebration of its 30-year presence in Taiwan, Microsoft opened a center in Taipei last week for the research and development of artificial intelligence technology. The multinational is also eyeing the possibility of joining partners with which to create an AI ecosystem on the island, wrote CNA.