Wong says 'This is war' after HK cop uses protester as human shield

HK activist says 'This is war' in response to demonstrator being used as human shield

Police officer dragging protester. (Screenshot from Facebook video)

Police officer dragging protester. (Screenshot from Facebook video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Video surfaced on Sunday (Sept. 29) of a Hong Kong protester being pinned down by a police officer and used as a human shield, prompting activist Joshua Wong (黃之鋒) to write "This is war" on his Facebook page.

On Monday, Wong posted a video of the arrest, which took place during a pro-democracy protest held in Hong Kong on Sunday. In the post, he wrote in Chinese, "Using a handcuffed demonstrator as a human flesh shield" and then wrote in English, "This is war."

In the video, a riot police officer digs his knee into the shoulder of a protester laying face down on the pavement with his hands cuffed together. After another handcuffed demonstrator is led away, the officer drags the protester up by one arm while keeping man's shoulder in a tight lock.

The protestor has some sort of bag over his head, but it is not clear whether he was originally wearing it or whether it was placed there by the police. The officer then shoves the protester ahead.

Well-known Taiwanese sociology professor Lee Ming-tsung (李明璁) shared Wong's post on his Facebook page and wrote, "Yes, this is war. They are terrorists, aggressors, and war machines that destroy humanity."

Updated : 2021-03-03 23:07 GMT+08:00