A volcanic wonderland in Taipei’s Beitou

Enjoy the shaded areas of Lovers' Waterfall and volcanic landforms, hot springs, irrigation waterways, and waterfalls

Lovers' Waterfall in Beitou District (Taipei Geotechnical Engineering Office photo)

Lovers' Waterfall in Beitou District (Taipei Geotechnical Engineering Office photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – It’s the end of September yet the summer heat still lingers and everywhere people are out they seek shade from the sun. Look no further than Lovers' Waterfall (情人瀑布), in Beitou District’s Quanyuan borough (北投區泉源里), according to a Taipei Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) press release on Friday (Sept. 27).

GEO says the waterfall by Xingyi Bridge (行義橋) is a cool spot and a popular place for wedding photography. Across from Lovers' Waterfall is a volcanic geothermal zone called Liouhuang Valley Recreation Area (硫磺谷遊憩區).

The volcanic field is traversed by a 750-meter trail and the entrance is located at the intersection of Xingyi Road (行義路) and Quanyuan Road (泉源路). It takes about 20 minutes to walk the trail, where there is a foot bath and several scenic lookouts that have boards telling visitors about the area, in addition to providing places to rest.

After walking through the volcanic area, which provides hot springs for many restaurants along Xingyi Road, visitors can walk along Dongsheng Road (東昇路) to the 18 Fen irrigation waterways (十八份水圳). Here they can stroll around in an idyllic setting that overlooks the Taipei basin.

Chen Jian-fan (陳建帆), chief of the GEO Slope Conservation Section, said Quanyuan community is within Yangmingshan National Park and therefore has abundant geographical resources such as volcanic landforms, geothermal energy, hot springs, farmlands, irrigation waterways, and waterfalls. He recommended that members of the public visit the area before summer slips away.

Public transportation
Liouhuang Valley and Lovers' Waterfall
Take bus nos. 612, 508, 536,128, 230, S8, S25, S36 to Dunxu High School of Industry and Commerce stop (惇敘工商站).

18 Fen Irrigation Waterways
Take bus nos. 230, s25 from Taipei MRT Beitou Station to the Longfenggu stop ( (龍鳳谷站) and then take the 18 Fen Industry Road (十八份產業道路).

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