Chinese ‘ghost ship’ runs aground in Northeast Taiwan

Freighter will be towed away to Su'ao

An empty freighter ran aground in Yilan County.

An empty freighter ran aground in Yilan County. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A presumably Chinese empty freighter ran aground in Yilan County near Toucheng Saturday (September 28).

The authorities were planning to send two ships to tow the ‘ghost ship’ away and take it to Su’ao harbor, the Central News Agency reported.

The ship had first been spotted at 4:45 a.m. Friday (September 27) 27 nautical miles northeast from Sandiaojiao or Sandiao Cape in New Taipei City. Since then, currents and the wind had pushed the vessel further south to Yilan County, where it ended up on the rocks in front of Daxi railway station in the township of Toucheng. There were no signs of pollution, the Coast Guard said.

An initial inspection of the ship revealed that there was no crew on board and no name visible on the ship, though the name of the city of Wuhu in the Chinese province of Anhui was painted on the outside, according to CNA.