Taiwan might issue sea warnings Sunday as Tropical Storm Mitag forms

Mitag could turn into typhoon and pass east of Taiwan Monday Sept. 30

Tropical Storm Mitag with Taiwan in the top left corner (image courtesy of NOAA).

Tropical Storm Mitag with Taiwan in the top left corner (image courtesy of NOAA).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Central Weather Bureau might issue sea warnings during the weekend as Mitag became the 18th tropical storm of the season early Saturday (September 28).

The storm formed east of the Philippines but was expected to pass east of Taiwan on a northerly course during Monday (September 30) before hitting Japan on Wednesday (October 2), reports said.

While the storm was not expected to make landfall in Taiwan, sea warnings were likely to be issued, especially for the ocean east of the island, some time Sunday (September 29) morning, the China Times reported.

The tropical storm could also grow into a typhoon, though it was still too early to know all the details, forecasters said. A small move to the west might increase the seriousness of its impact, especially for eastern and northern Taiwan Monday and Tuesday, according to the China Times.

After the storm had passed, people with travel plans for Japan and South Korea would have to monitor flight information closely, as Mitag was expected to impact the weather in those two countries.

Even before the storm approaches, North Taiwan was dealing with torrential rain Saturday, with the Keelung River reaching a high level and car owners in Taipei asked to remove their vehicles from areas close to the water.

Updated : 2020-12-02 03:26 GMT+08:00