Taiwan ranked 9th in world in technology

Taiwan ranked 9th in technology, 13th in digital competitiveness

(Photo from www.freepik.com)

(Photo from www.freepik.com)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan has been ranked the 9th most technological and 13th most digitally competitive nation by the Swiss-based International Institute for Management Development (IMD).

The 2019 IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking (WDCR) analyzed 63 countries according to 50 indicators in the three primary categories of knowledge, technology, and future-readiness.

According to the index, Taiwan ranked 9th in the world in technology, an improvement on its ranking of 11th last year. Taiwan has also improved its overall digital competitiveness, going from 17th in 2018 to 13th in 2019.

Among Asia-Pacific economies, Taiwan has maintained its third-place position in technology, trailing only Singapore and Hong Kong. In terms of its overall ranking in regional digital competitiveness, Taiwan rose from fifth place to fourth place this year, trailing only Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

Taiwan also rose in the category of future readiness from 22nd last year to 12th this year. Additionally, Taiwan's ranking in knowledge climbed from 19th to 17th.

The report observed a positive trend in talent availability and access to capital. Taiwan also saw a dramatic improvement in the business agility subcategory of future readiness, with an improvement from 13th to 3rd.

In a new future readiness subcategory called "world robots distribution," Taiwan ranked 7th. Meanwhile, in a new subcategory for the knowledge area, "robots in education and R&D," Taiwan placed 21st.

According to the IMD, the digital competitiveness rankings "assess the extent to which a country adopts and explores digital technologies leading to transformation in government practices, business models and society in general.”

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