Taiwan's ELECLEAN start-up partners with Malaysia's Richmountain

ELECLEAN is exporting its innovative, eco-friendly, chemical-free disinfectant process

(Photo from ELECLEAN)

(Photo from ELECLEAN)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A start-up company founded in association with Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) known as ELECLEAN has partnered with a firm in Malaysia to develop business operations in the Southeast Asian country, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) announced on Thursday (Sept. 26).

Starting this year, Hsinchu-based ELECLEAN company will partner with Malaysian firm Richmountain to scale their operations and work on water purification projects. ELECLEAN gained attention in 2018 for its innovative disinfectant spray apparatus, which uses electricity to charge water, creating a “reactive oxygen species” that kills harmful bacteria and viruses but is entirely safe for humans.

The MOEA says that the joint venture will cooperate with Malaysian authorities to improve the country’s health infrastructure and help areas in need to boost epidemic prevention measures. The ELECLEAN disinfectant could be a milestone in the fight against disease in both the region and around the world.

The enterprise is called “Water for the Future,” and ELECLEAN hopes that the Malaysian operations will serve as a gateway to the rest of Southeast Asia and beyond so that other nations can make use of its innovative technology. Because ELECLEAN’s disinfectant product does not require alcohol, it is especially attractive to Muslim-majority countries that may have restrictions on importing or selling alcohol-based products.

The new venture's first target will be kindergartens and elderly care centers located in Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas, reports UDN. From there, the company may expand its market with the help of local health departments throughout the country, where ELECLEAN technology may eventually be applied to improve water management for major urban centers.

For more info on ELECLEAN, visit the company’s website.