Taiwan Design Expo 2019 heads south to Pingtung

Curated by Joe Fang, creative director of Joefang Studio, the event will create the world’s biggest `design supermarket’

Taiwan Design Expo 2019 (Taiwan Design Expo photo)

Taiwan Design Expo 2019 (Taiwan Design Expo photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)— Taiwan Design Expo 2019 aims to create the world’s biggest “design supermarket” and will get underway in Taiwan’s southernmost city of Pingtung, from Oct. 5-20.

Taiwan Design Expo 2019 is curated by Joe Fang (方序中), creative director of Joefang Studio, while the main exhibition venue is designed by Chu Chuh-kang Space Design. The event will take place at Taisugar Civic Park.

Taiwan Design Expo states in its press release there will be five major exhibitions in one big warehouse, and it will create the world’s largest design supermarket. The exhibitions are hosted by Pili Wu Design, 5% Design Action, Industrial Technology Research Institute and others.

Fang pointed out the “supermarket” theme utilizes the “Super South” idea to design a logo based on a double-S image. “The large area connecting the two ‘Ss’ represents the eternal cycle of life, just like a conveyor belt on an industrial production line,” according to Fang.

Fang explained the design visualizes conveyor lines conveying creativity and resources to Pingtung, as Taiwan Design Expo will help promote the city to the world. The expo will also host a number of forums, workshops, and seminars to discuss design.

"Super South" logo design explained (Taiwan Design Expo video)