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International partners speak out to support Taiwan joining ICAO

Australia, Germany, Japan, UK share supportive messages after Taiwan barred from ICAO meeting in Montreal

(Photo from ICAO)

(Photo from ICAO)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Tuesday (Sept. 24) will mark the beginning of the tri-annual conference of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal, Canada, which will run through Oct. 4.

Although Taiwan will not be permitted to attend the proceedings because of China's influence in the ICAO, which is a United Nations agency, many countries around the world have voiced support for Taiwan’s participation.

Representatives of Germany, Japan, the U.K., Australia, Canada. and the U.S. have all made statements declaring that Taiwan’s continued exclusion from the ICAO constitutes an ongoing lapse in public safety. The Taiwanese government has consistently maintained the highest standards of aviation safety protocol and remains an important partner in ensuring airline safety for travelers in the region.

Despite being barred from joining the ICAO, Taiwan’s Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) has sent a delegation to Montreal, where it will continue to petition for Taiwan’s inclusion in the proceedings and hold bilateral meetings with partner nations on the sidelines of the conference, reports CNA.

Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a short video called “For a Seamless Sky,” which highlights Taiwan’s eagerness to join the ICAO. On the first day of the conference, the national offices of Germany, Japan, and the U.K. shared the video on their official Facebook pages along with the following messages.

International partners speak out to support Taiwan joining ICAO
(From German Office FB page)

International partners speak out to support Taiwan joining ICAO
(From Japan Office FB page)
International partners speak out to support Taiwan joining ICAO
(From British Office FB page)

The Australian Office in Taipei also shared a message calling for the participation of all partners involved in global aviation. The message reads, "As the ICAO conference begins in Montreal, the Australian Office acknowledges that global aviation safety and security needs the participation of all active members of the international aviation community.”

Additionally, in the host country of Canada, the Department of Global Affairs recently noted that “Taiwan’s absence is detrimental to global interests” in a statement published earlier this month. The U.S. also regularly lobbies for Taiwan’s participation in various international organizations like the ICAO.

Taiwanese allies, such as Belize, and members of the European Parliament have also publicly declared their support for Taiwan joining the ICAO, recognizing that excluding Taiwan “for political purposes compromises aviation safety and security."