Tetris Challenge: Taiwan Edition

A few of interesting #Tetrischallenge photos collected from around Taiwan

Photo from Xiaocheng Borough Chief Guo Jen-Tse (郭仁澤) in Xindian, New Taipei

Photo from Xiaocheng Borough Chief Guo Jen-Tse (郭仁澤) in Xindian, New Taipei

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In recent weeks, the #Tetrischallenge has been spreading across the internet, prompting people in countries across the globe to photograph themselves with their vehicle and kit as part of the “challenge.”

The trend has caught on in Taiwan as well. Public servants and private companies from across the country have been arranging photos of their gear and vehicles to give the internet a unique peek into their various occupations.

For those that don’t know, the object of the tetris challenge is simply to take a good bird’s eye view photo of a vehicle used for a particular profession, along with the professional and all the gear that goes into the vehicle arranged neatly in a manner reminiscent of the classic “Tetris” arcade game. The trend reportedly began with police and emergency response personnel in the Netherlands, and has since spread across the globe.

Here are a few of the interesting #Tetrischallenge photos collected from around Taiwan.

Photo from New Taipei Fire Department, Search and Rescue Unit

Photo from Taichung Police Department, Traffic Control

Photo from Changhua County Emergency Medical Service

Photo from Coast Guard Airborne Corps, Sea Rescue Unit

Photo from Taoyuan City, Fire Department

Photo from Pingtung County Animal Protection Office

Photo from Royal Memorial Garden Funeral Home, Taoyuan City

Photo from Kaohsiung International Airport, Emergency Response Unit

Photo from New Taipei City Environmental Protection Bureau

Photo from Taiwan Coast Guard