Tropical storm periphery to bring downpours to northern Taiwan: CWB

Torrential rain warning for Keelung,and mountainous parts of Taipei and New Taipei

(Image from Central Weather Bureau)

(Image from Central Weather Bureau)

Due to the effects of the severe tropical storm Tapah, heavy and even torrential rain are forecast to affect northern and northeastern Taiwan on Saturday, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Although the tropical storm, which is moving toward Japan and South Korea, is not expected to directly affect Taiwan, the country has been warned of downpours, possible landslides in the mountainous areas and flooding in the low-lying regions on Saturday, the CWB said.

The bureau has issued a torrential rain warning for Keelung, Taiwan's northeastern coastal area and the mountainous parts of Taipei and New Taipei cities.

Meanwhile, a heavy rain alert has gone into effect in flat areas in Taipei and New Taipei, in all of Taoyuan and Hsinchu in the north as well as Yilan in northeastern Taiwan.

Under the bureau's definition, heavy rain means accumulated rainfall of 80 mm or more within 24 hours, or rainfall of 40 mm or more per hour, while torrential rain is defined as accumulated rainfall of 350 mm or more within 24 hours.

In the wake of the downpours, weather in northern Taiwan is expected to remain cool, with daytime temperatures forecast to range between 23-24 degrees Celsius Saturday, little changed from a day earlier, the CWB said.

As central and southern Taiwan will likely see less rainfall, temperature highs are forecast to range between 30-32 degrees during the day, the CWB added.

Tapah's periphery is expected to bring strong winds to northern and northeastern Taiwan, in particular in Keelung and the northeastern coastal areas Saturday, while western Taiwan and outlying Penghu and Matsu islands are forecast to experience strong winds in the day, the CWB said.

Coastal areas in Taiwan will generally see big waves due to the tropical storm's effects, the CWB said, urging people doing outdoors activity to stay alert.

As of 8 a.m. Saturday, tropical storm Tapah was located 450 kilometers east-northeast of Taipei and was moving at 21 kilometers per hour in a north-northwesterly direction toward Japan and South Korea, the CWB said.

It urged the public who want to fly to the two countries to keep a close eye on possible disruptions in flight schedules.

With the tropical storm moving away from Taiwan, rain is expected to subside Saturday night or early the following morning and weather is expected to turn stable with temperatures to recover on Sunday, the CWB said.

According to the CWB, daytime highs in northern Taiwan are expected to rise to 27-34 degrees and hit 32-33 degrees in central and southern Taiwan on Sunday.