Chinese fishing fleet catches yellow fish in Taiwan territorial waters

Coast Guard moved ships from Taiwan main island to Kinmen

A Chinese fishing boat.

A Chinese fishing boat. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A massive fleet of over a hundred Chinese fishing vessels showed up near the offshore island of Kinmen recently, leaving the only Coast Guard ship in the area unable to act, reports said Friday (September 20).

Following complaints by local fishermen, the Coast Guard said it was calling in support from Taiwan’s main island in order to handle the problem, with the intent of leveling fines against violators, the Liberty Times reported.

Locals said similar scenes played out each year around this time, when yellow fish are abundant, yet the Coast Guard proved to be unprepared for the latest mass appearance of Chinese ships.

Responding to calls from locals, the Coast Guard said it had ordered two ships to move to Kinmen, where they would intercept Chinese vessels, take action to apprehend violators, and fine them, the Liberty Times reported.