Doctor forces medical conference in Rwanda to change country name to Taiwan

Website referred to Taiwan as a 'Province of China'

The Taiwanese doctor's conference pass (photo by Tsai Hui-shan).

The Taiwanese doctor's conference pass (photo by Tsai Hui-shan). (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taiwanese doctor upset by the labeling of her country as a province of China wrote a letter of protest to a conference in the African state of Rwanda, which led to “Taiwan” being printed on her pass, the CNA reported on Thursday (September 19).

Doctor Tsai Hui-shan (蔡蕙珊), who works in eSwatini, a Taiwanese ally, was planning to attend an African Palliative Care Association meeting in the Rwandan capital of Kigali when she noticed on the online registration page that her country was listed as “Taiwan – Province of China.”

Angry about the name, she wrote a letter of protest to the organizers, demanding a correction, CNA reported. Taiwan had made valuable contributions of its own to the development of palliative care, so those achievements should not be covered up by China, the report quoted her as saying.

Tsai also contrasted Taiwanese and Chinese data to show how the island had fared better on many medical and patients’ rights issues.

When she arrived in Rwanda for the conference, which is taking place between September 17 and 20, she found that the laminated pass she received simply bore the word “Taiwan," showing that her protest had been successful, CNA reported.