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Chinese student chokes HK dormmate at Taiwanese college over post-it note

Chinese student assaults Hong Kong dormmate in Taiwanese university over post-it note supporting HK protests

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Hong Kong student was allegedly assaulted on Mid-Autumn Festival (Sept. 13) by a Chinese student at a university in Kaohsiung for a post-it note supporting the protests in his home city.

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a Hong Kong student at I-Shou University posted a sticky note in his on-campus dormitory that expressed support for the ongoing Hong Kong protests. A Chinese student living in the same dormitory then promptly ripped up the note and assaulted its author.

The post-it note, which the Hong Kong student had stuck on his dorm door, read, "Today Hong Kong, tomorrow Taiwan," reported CNA. Incensed at the sight of the sticker, the Chinese student allegedly tore it up and grabbed the other student by the neck.

The Chinese student then reportedly splashed water on his fellow student, cursed him, and threatened him. This has made many Hongkongers studying on campus concerned for their safety and prompted them to travel together in groups for their own protection.

The Hong Kong student said that he had just started his studies at I-Shou University this year. After posting the note on the morning of Sept. 13, he said he heard a knock on his dorm room door, and when he opened it, he saw a student ripping off the stick note, according to the report.

The Chinese student then blocked the Hong Kong student's way, reportedly grabbing him by the neck and shoving him up against the door, reported CNA. It was not until other students from Hong Kong rushed to the scene that the Chinese student finally halted his assault.

The victim said that he was terrified and hid in his room until noon before going to lunch with other students. When he returned to the dorm, the Chinese student allegedly splashed water on him and called him a "bum" (廢青), warning him to watch out for his own safety, the news agency reported.

The assailant then hung a Chinese flag outside his own dorm room door. The victim said that he had only posted the message to support his Hong Kong compatriots' struggle for democracy.

The student said that he respected the Chinese student's different viewpoint and that there was no language directly attacking China on the post-it. He said he was surprised that his dormmate responded so violently.

Hong Kong students on the campus say are very concerned about their safety now. Since the incident, they have formed "self-protection groups" and dare not venture out alone.

Chou Chao-min (周兆民), vice president of I-Shou University, said that the school sent out a notice last week urging students from both sides to respect each other's positions and freedom of speech. Chou said that the Chinese student has been sent to the disciplinary committee of the Academic Affairs Department.

In addition, the Facebook group The Hong Kong Outlander (香港邊城青年) said that it has contacted the victim and will follow up on further developments and provide relevant assistance. The group also issued a statement condemning the Chinese student's violent behavior and saying that it looks forward to the university, Ministry of Education, and Mainland Affairs Council actively dealing with this incident to enable Hong Kong students in Taiwan to have the freedom they deserve and be free from fear.