Taiwan records first case of measles contracted in New Zealand

Patient was young student who spent 10 days traveling in the South Pacific country

Taiwan recorded its first case of measles imported from New Zealand.

Taiwan recorded its first case of measles imported from New Zealand. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – After a student caught measles in New Zealand, he had to visit the doctor five times before the disease was diagnosed correctly, leading to more than 600 people to be put under observation, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said Tuesday (September 17).

Last week, Taiwan issued a travel warning for New Zealand due to more than 1,000 cases being recorded, most of them in and around the city of Auckland on the country’s North Island.

A student in his 20s from southern Taiwan traveled with friends and relatives around New Zealand from August 14 through 24, the Liberty Times reported. Upon his return in Taiwan, he felt a fever on September 1 and visited a clinic on three different days, but he was never diagnosed with measles, the report said.

As his condition grew worse, he went to a hospital on September 5 and was held there for tests. Because it took so long for him to receive the correct diagnosis, he had traveled several times on public transportation, leading to a total of 601 people he had been in touch with to be put under observation, reports said.

However, he fully recovered and had already been allowed to go home, the CDC said Tuesday.

The student was the first patient in Taiwan to have contracted measles in New Zealand, which might have been a factor in the failure of the doctors to reach the correct conclusions about his illness, reports said