Come Meet Taiwan’s Top Green and Energy-Saving Companies

Taiwanese energy-saving companies to seek business opportunities in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia


In view of the green promotion policy and energy-saving trend in New Southbound countries, Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) is organizing the 2019 Taiwan Trade Mission of Green Technology through the Green Trade Project Office (GTPO).

Taiwan's top ten green and energy-saving companies will visit Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand from September 15 to 21 to conduct one-on-one trade meetings with local companies. The delegation will showcase Taiwan's green industry with the goal of deepening bilateral cooperation between Taiwan and New Southbound countries.

According to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), the Thai Ministry of Energy has completed Thailand's 20-Year Energy Efficiency Development Plan.

With long-term and short-term energy-saving strategies in place across various regions of Thailand, it is expected to lead to a 25 percent energy reduction by 2030. Therefore, the promotion of energy-saving equipment, LED lighting, and energy management systems is an important future direction, one that will also lead to promising business opportunities.

With the goal of introducing Taiwanese enterprises to opportunities for energy-saving business in New-Southbound countries, the GTPO will lead ten Taiwanese energy-saving companies on a trip to Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand.

The attending companies include:

  • Da Da Da Ltd., which uses a next-generation energy management system incorporating the artificial intelligence technology SMART POWER ​​
  • LixControls Int., which is dedicated to smart lighting integration
  • Team Young Technology Corp., which features EZCon smart power control systems
  • Delta Electronics Inc., which provides smart surveillance automation solutions
  • Neotroni Lighting Inc., which provides port lighting and sports lighting
  • Radiant Star Co., which specializes in commercial lighting
  • Lih Yang Electric Machinery, which is mainly engaged in LED fishing lights
  • Oma Lighting, which provides LED smart street lamps and integrated solutions
  • Reecos Tech. Co., which specializes in LED for industrial lighting
  • United Renewable Energy Co., which provides energy storage systems for both industrial and residential use

The ten leading companies look forward to providing Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand with complete energy-saving solutions, and Taiwan anticipates increased cooperation with New Southbound countries and strengthened bilateral cooperation while joining hands to create a greener society.