In leaderless Hong Kong movement, Joshua Wong just 1 voice

 Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong (AP photo)

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong (AP photo)

HONG KONG (AP) — Overseas, Joshua Wong has emerged as a prominent face of Hong Kong's months-long protests for full democracy. At home, he is just another protester.

The activist known for leading democracy protests in 2014 will speak to the U.S. Congress on Tuesday after visiting Germany and Taiwan to drum up support.

While not diminishing the importance of his overseas role, other protesters say Wong does not speak for what is purposefully a leaderless movement. He is well-known but the movement is largely faceless, since many protesters speak only anonymously and wear masks to conceal their identities.

Wong is among five people due to speak to Congress to rally support for a bill proposing economic sanctions and penalties on Chinese and Hong Kong officials found to have suppressed democracy in the city.