Photo of the Day: One country, one system, one-eye point-of-view

Cartoon illustrates Beijing's half-sighted view of tattered 'one country, two systems' framework in Hong Kong

Illustration by Allan Rios.

Illustration by Allan Rios.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- On Thursday (Sept. 12), an American illustrator on social media posted his latest cartoon, which refers to a female Kong Kong protestor who suffered severe damage to her eye as a metaphor for China's destruction of the "one country, two systems" framework.

Allan Rios, 42, who goes by the pen name Dedoshucos, created a biting commentary on the deteriorating situation in Hong Kong with the cartoon he uploaded to Reddit on Thursday. Inspired by a Hong Kong protester believed to be a volunteer medic whose eye suffered severe damage after being struck by a beanbag round on Aug. 11, Rios depicted the one-eyed woman as representing Beijing's half-sighted view of the tattered "one country, two systems" framework.

In the illustration, a woman can be seen with one eye badly bloodied and a shadowy figure wearing a gas mask behind her asking, "What happened to her eye?" The other shadowy figure says bluntly, "One country one system. Can't have another point of view."

Commenting on the piece, Rios told Taiwan News that "It's blunt and direct, but I meant what I said in my comment." Rios said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel's refusal to meet Joshua Wong for the sake of political correctness, placing "communist economic benefits" above all else, shows how the West has turned its back on its values.

In the comment section below, Rios also wrote words of encouragement for the Hong Kong protesters:

"Hongkongers, The US people stand with you.

In the face of tyranny such display of thirst for freedom ought to be [a] lesson to be learned by us Westerners just around the time that the West has abandoned its democratic values in favor of communist 'economic profits.'

Go Hongkongers! You have more integrity to protect your freedoms than we do.

History will judge you as having surpassed the West in Democratic values.

You are more democratic than we are."

Illustration by Allan Rios.