Old Tainan Watercourse to be reborn as museum in southern Taiwan

Hilltop Garden Watercourse Museum in Tainan will open on Oct. 10

Hilltop Garden Watercourse Museum in Tainan (CNA photo)

Hilltop Garden Watercourse Museum in Tainan (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Tainan heritage site transformed into the Hilltop Garden Watercourse Museum (山上花園水道博物館) will open to the public on the National Day of Taiwan on Oct. 10.

The reinvigorated facility in southern Taiwan encompasses the Old Tainan Watercourse as well as the city’s water source and purification areas. Neighboring plant nurseries have also been included on the 20-hectare grounds, wrote CNA.

The Old Tainan Watercourse was dedicated as a historic site in 2005, according to the director-general of the Tainan Cultural Affairs Bureau, Jason Yeh (葉澤山). Due to property ownership management issues, the venue was closed to the public as it underwent renovation in a joint effort by the city and central governments.

The museum boasts retired filtration pools and distribution pumps among other features of a bygone era. Guided tours will be arranged and interactive introductions put in place to familiarize visitors with the way tap water was treated in Tainan City during the Japanese colonial period, wrote CNA.

The grounds' lush greenery and horticultural features promise to add to the tourist appeal of Hilltop Garden Watercourse Museum. The venue will open on Double Ten Day and be inaugurated the following day, said the Cultural Affairs Bureau.

Hilltop Garden Watercourse Museum in Tainan (CNA photo)