Amsterdam museum presents results of 5-year Chagall research

AMSTERDAM (AP) — New research shows that for much of Russian-French Modernist painter Marc Chagall's life, which took him from a tiny village in rural Russia to St. Petersburg, Paris and New York, he remained remarkably faithful to eight pigments in his colorful works.

Experts at Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum presented their findings Friday in a five-year research project into nine paintings by the artist, who blended modernist styles such as Cubism and Fauvism in works on surfaces ranging from traditional canvases to ceramics, stained windows, an opera house ceiling and even a tablecloth.

Paintings conservator Meta Chavannes says she was struck by how "he's so consistent in the materials that he used. Eight pigments that he used these 35 years. That's quite striking I think even though he moved around so much."