Hungarian architect, dissident Laszlo Rajk dies at 70

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Laszlo Rajk, a Hungarian architect, dissident and film and theater production designer, has died. He was 70.

Rajk's death from an undisclosed illness was announced Thursday by architectural publication

Rajk, whose father, also called Laszlo, was executed in 1949 after an infamous show trial during the early days of Hungary's communist regime, was involved in Hungary's dissident movement from the 1970s, helping to distribute underground samizdat publications.

He was elected to parliament in 1990 after the communist regime fell.

Born in Budapest on Jan. 26, 1949, Rajk spent several years in state care after his father's execution. He was temporarily given a new name and returned to his mother, Julianna Foldi, after her 1954 release from prison.

Rajk won numerous international awards honoring his political and design activities.