Russia's Leningrad region to grant Taiwan free e-visa treatment

Taiwanese will be able to travel to Leningrad Oblast and Saint Petersburg with e-visas starting in October

Saint Petersburg (Source: Pixabay)

Saint Petersburg (Source: Pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan news) — Russia's Leningrad Oblast, which includes Saint Petersburg, will grant free e-visas to Taiwanese starting on Oct. 1.

Russia’s representative office in Taiwan announced on Friday (Sept. 13) that Taiwan is among the countries to be granted free e-visa treatment by the Russian region.

Taiwanese travelers will be able to stay in the region for eight days with the e-visa, which will expire 30 days after issuance. They are not allowed to go to other parts of Russia, however, without valid entry documents.

Travelers are required to submit their applications four days prior to departure. The e-visa permits one entry only.

Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast are following Russia’s Far Eastern Federal District and Kaliningrad Bolast in extending the e-visas to Taiwan. Although the Russian government officially describes Taiwan as “Taiwan, China,” Taiwanese are allowed to enter the country with their Taiwanese passports.

The measure is reportedly intended to boost tourism and business activities in the region. Russian President Vladimir Putin ratified the e-visa policy in July, but at that time, the countries eligible for the new measure were not disclosed.