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Legislative constituencies to be redefined

Legislative constituencies to be redefined

Legislative Speaker Wang Jyn-ping said Monday that he is opposed to the Central Election Commission’s plan to announce how it plans to redefine at its own discretion the 73 electoral districts for the year-end legislative elections, saying that such work should be done jointly by the executive and legislative branches.

Wang said he would accelerate his talks with Premier Su Tseng-chang in hopes of resolving their differences regarding the rezoning of eight of the 73 electoral districts. “We will do whatever we can to complete this work and to announce our conclusions later today,” he said.

According to the election law, the CEC is obliged to make pubic the electoral districts 10 months before the poll. In other word, those districts must be defined and made public today or tomorrow, if the CEC plans o hold the legislative election in early December.

A mechanism for the election of a new Legislature has not been established since the Constitution was amended last year to slash the number of legislative seats by half from 225 to 113 and to change Taiwan's legislative election system.

Wang said he wonder if Premier Su would have time to talk to him today judging from the premier’s busy schedule. Still, Wang said, he hopes that Su would try to resolve this issue through talks instead of allowing the CEC to do the work by itself.

According to a 2004 amendment to the Election and Recall Law, the next Legislature should be elected at the end of 2007 under a "single-member constituency, two-vote" system, with the number of legislators slashed from 225 to 113 and their term extended from three years to four.

Under the new electoral system, the 27 current constituencies in Taiwan will be redefined into 73 smaller constituencies, but at present the Central Election Commission is still busy redrawing the boundaries of these constituencies.

Updated : 2022-05-26 09:04 GMT+08:00