[Taiwan Presidential Election] Terry Gou: Corruption and pork barrel politics in KMT

Snapshots for Sept. 12: 121 days from 2020 Taiwan Presidential Election


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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Election Tidbits about nominees and possible candidates:Tsai Ing-wen, Han Kuo-yu and Terry Gou.

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Corruption and pork barrel politics in KMT

Foxconn founder Terry Gou quit the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) on Sept. 12. He revealed that corruption and political patronage in the party became evident to him while he was running in the presidential primaries. The party, he argued, is shackled by past ideologies and burdens that prevent party members from moving in the right direction. Gou said he detests the pork barrel politics and outdated thinking that are prevalent in the KMT.

Guangzhou factory operations having nothing to do with Gou

Foxconn-controlled Sharp Corp said on Sept. 12 that Terry Gou no longer holds an ownership share of Sakai Display Products Corporation (SDP) in Guangzhou, China. Gou has sold his stake in the company for personal reasons, said an SDP representative.

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Abnormal cross-strait relationship to blame for detention of Taiwanese by China

A Taiwanese citizen, Morrison Lee (李孟居), was detained by Beijing for the alleged charge of “committing criminal activities that jeopardize national security.” Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu said he believes the detention of Lee, an advisor to Pingtung County’s Fangliao Township Office, was a result of Taiwan’s “abnormal cross-strait relationship” with China.
Note: The Mainland Affairs Council said in a news briefing on Sept. 12 that a Taiwanese national has been illegally detained by the Chinese authorities. Taiwanese should stand in solidarity in dealing with this issue instead of exploiting it for political gain.

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Diligence is the best flavor

The mother of Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je recently said she used to like President Tsai Ing-wen but that Tsai has lost her “spiciness” and become tame. She urged Tsai voters to shift their support to former Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou. In response, Tsai said on Sept. 12 that “People’s tastes differ, but diligent work is the best flavor.”

Taiwan’s democratic elections should not be affected by Chinese meddling

Foxconn founder Terry Gou has directed criticism at President Tsai over the Chinese ban on solo travel to Taiwan. Tsai on Sept. 12 noted that Beijing’s measures to restrict the flow of tourists to Taiwan were aimed at influencing the island’s elections next year. Democratic elections should not be meddled in by external influences, she stressed, adding that the government of Taiwan will provide assistance to industries affected by Chinese maneuvers and calling upon Gou to stand with the government.