Motorola flaunts latest slim handsets

Motorola flaunts latest slim handsets

Motorola yesterday rolled out ultra thin, candybar-designed handsets in a bid to rattle rivals jockeying for position in Taiwan's overcrowded mobile phone market.

The handset vendor's latest posh mobiles - the Moto SLVR L6 and L7 - are designed to capture the eye of Taiwan's fashion-conscious consumers, said Yvonne Chang, PR manager for Motorola Mobile Devices.

"Our 'sliver' line is based on two core concepts: Sleek and slim," Chang said following an elaborate product launch yesterday.

"To many consumers, a cell phone is more than just a gadget - it's a personal statement. This is the reason why so many handset users are 'personalizing' their mobile devices."

Designed for end-users between the ages of 20 and 30, Motorola's SLVR L6 weighs 86 grams and is only 10.9 millimeters thick.

It is however no lightweight when it comes to features, Chang said.

The handset has a built-in 4x zoom VGA digital camera with video capture and playback, and multimedia photo album creation tools. Users may also chat hands-free through Bluetooth wireless technology, swiftly connect with a colleague or workgroup through one-touch PoC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular), or send a video message using Multimedia Messaging Service.

The wireless, with its integrated speaker and cable-free information-sharing functions, is compatible with other Bluetooth-enabled handsets, PCs, and PDAs, the handset vendor said.

Users could personalize their mobiles with downloadable wallpapers and screensavers, and liven up incoming calls with picture caller ID and unique MP3 vocal ringtones.

The SLVR L7 is just as compact as its older sibling. Weighing 96 grams and only 11.5 millimeters thick, this portable features an integrated VGA camera. Bluetooth wireless technology provides hands-free connections and Push-to-Talk connects users to work groups and friends easily. It also serves as an MP3 player so you can store, repeat, and play your favorite tunes, Chang added.

Unlike the L6, the L7 is equipped with EDGE technology (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution) for wireless modem capabilities and speedy Internet access. This device allows users to tune in to breaking news, get travel information, and check out emails.

The L7 is also an indispensable tool to Taiwan's road warriors. If you need to confer with your colleagues or bosses, just use the mobile's speakerphone for conference calls. Its dynamic idle solution also provides zero-click access to news, sports, entertainment, and weather, said the company.

"This is a mid-high tier handset," Chang said. "It's packed with features, it's stylish, and it's easy to use."

The L7 carries a NT$9,990-price tag.

Motorola is expecting its razor-like handsets to sell well in Taiwan, said Chang.

"The slimmer the device, the more attractive it is for consumers. This trend is evident even in the home. Today, nearly everyone has flat-screen TV sets, thinner laptops, and sleek MP3 players," she said.

The mobile phone maker keeps Taiwanese consumers interested by introducing various smart-looking handsets, from clamshells and sliders to candybars, said Chang.

"We have all three designs falling under various price categories," she added.

Earlier this week, Motorola launched a high-tier model - the RAZR V3i - that fetches NT$13,900 per unit. It is an upgraded version of Motorola's highly successful V3 that sold 12 million units worldwide this year, Chang said.

Two low-cost handsets, the C261 and C168, were introduced yesterday. Priced between NT$3,500 and NT$3,600, those portables - if bundled with mobile carrier Chunghwa Telecom's service - would only cost NT$990 each, a company official said.

Updated : 2021-04-12 09:02 GMT+08:00