Taipei parents cry foul at Baby Boss closure

Taipei parents saddened by impending closure of Baby Boss

(Image from Baby Boss Facebook page)

(Image from Baby Boss Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Many parents are saddened by the news that Baby Boss, a simulated city in which children could role-play various jobs, will be clocking out for good on Nov. 30.

Wednesday morning (Sept. 11) at 12 a.m., Baby Boss announced on its Facebook page that it will shut its doors for good on at the end of November. In response, Taiwanese netizens left over 1,300 comments expressing their sadness about a place where they enjoyed happy childhood memories or regret that their own children would not be able to visit it.

Photo from Baby Boss Facebook page.

Based in the Living Mall in Taipei's Songshan District, the role-playing amusement center offers children aged 3 to 12 the opportunity to experience duties of various occupations. In its farewell message, Baby Boss wrote the following:

"Dear citizens large and small, I regret to announce that the lease with the Living Mall is due to expire on Nov. 30, 2019. As the first children's career experience city, we are very grateful for your support and affirmation of Baby Boss over the past 12 years. Thank you again for your support. Once again, we thank you for your support. Goodbye until next time!"

Photo from Baby Boss Facebook page.

The company then welcomed parents to visit before the end of November to "leave [their] last unforgettable memories." After the news broke, many Taiwanese parents left messages expressing their sorrow at the end of the road for Baby Boss:

"It's hard to imagine a day when Baby Boss goes out of business. This was around almost throughout my entire childhood."

"My child is only two years old, and I had really been looking forward to the chance to take him there to play."

"Thank you for accompanying my children as they grew up."

"Thank you Baby Boss for bringing my children such good memories."

"This place on the 7th floor was the most profitable business in the Living Mall."

"Please find another location to open up shop soon!"

Photo from the Baby Boss Facebook page.