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Former talk show host considers run for Taiwan's legislature, relocates to Tainan

Dennis Peng rumored to be prospective candidate for Formosa Alliance party

File photo: Dennis Peng

File photo: Dennis Peng (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Dennis Peng (彭文正), the former host of a news program on Formosa TV that was canceled earlier this year, is reportedly considering running for a legislative seat to represent Tainan in next year’s election.

As of Sept. 10, Peng has legally transferred his residency to Tainan’s sixth district, providing him with the minimum four months required by law to declare residency in a new district prior to running in next year’s legislative elections. Although Peng has not officially announced a campaign for the Legislative Yuan, it appears likely he will do so in the coming weeks, and it is speculated that he will represent the Formosa Alliance party.

Peng has been in the news in recent weeks for questioning President Tsai Ing-wen’s (蔡英文) academic achievements, demanding that Tsai verify the authenticity of her PhD dissertation submitted at the London School of Economics. Peng is considered a member of the deep green camp, which is dissatisfied with the Tsai administration for not doing enough to further the cause of Taiwan Independence.

Peng previously hosted the TV show Jeng Chin on FTV53, which was abruptly canceled in April. Peng has suggested that Chen Chu (陳菊), the Secretary-General to the President, was responsible for pressuring Formosa TV’s leadership to shut down the show.