Taiwan could see soggy weather over Moon Festival as 2 tropical storms loom

2 tropical storms could put damper on Mid-Autumn Festival weekend in Taiwan

NOAA satellite animated GIF.

NOAA satellite animated GIF.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Two tropical storms taking shape in the Western Pacific could put a damper on moon-viewing during the Mid-Autumn Festival in Taiwan, while a heavy rain warning has been issued today (Sept. 10) for six counties and cities in southern Taiwan.

Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecaster Liu Yu-chi (劉宇其) said that there might be two tropical storms in the near future. Liu said that starting on Friday (Sept. 13), the Mid-Autumn Festival, moisture will begin to increase.

From Saturday to Monday (Sept. 14 to 16), the level of moisture will continue to rise. During this period, there will be showers during the day in northern and eastern Taiwan, while thunderstorms could occur in other areas.

A tropical depression to the east of the Philippines could become Tropical Storm Peipah (琵琶) at some point today or Wednesday (Sept. 11). Meanwhile, a low-pressure system loitering in the Western Pacific could become Topical Storm Tapah (塔巴) later this week.

The CWB has issued a heavy rain advisory for six counties and cities in Taiwan this morning due to the vigorous development of a convective cloud system. The heavy rain advisory is in effect for Chiayi City, Chiayi County, Tainan City, Taichung County, Kaohsiung City, and Pingtung County.

Liu said that during the day, most of Taiwan will see partly cloudy to sunny skies, but there will be residual moisture in Taitung and the Hengchun Peninsula, leading to short bursts of rain in southern Taiwan and thunderstorms in mountainous areas in the afternoon. As for temperatures, Liu said that high temperatures will range between 32 and 35 degrees Celsius.

Liu said that the weather on Wednesday and Thursday (Sept. 11 and 12) will be generally stable, with only sporadic brief rains in eastern Taiwan and the northern coast of Keelung. However, on Friday (Sept. 13), moisture over the country will increase, and rain will be likely in northern and eastern Taiwan, while the rest of the country will see partly cloudy to sunny skies and possible afternoon thunderstorms.

From Saturday to Monday, a low-pressure zone, possibly Tropical Storm Peipah, will bring more moisture to Taiwan. During this period, brief showers are possible in northern and eastern Taiwan, with thunderstorms likely in the afternoon in other areas.

Liu said that a low-pressure system developing to the east of the Philippines could intensify into Tropical Storm Peipah either today or Wednesday. He said the structure still needs some time to develop.

As there are many variables with its formation, the final path of the typhoon is far from clear. Liu predicts that after it forms into a tropical storm, Peipah could gradually approach Japan's Ryukyu Islands and "will be to the east of us during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday."

As for a second low-pressure system currently growing in the Western Pacific, Liu said it could form into Tropical Storm Tapah, but much more observation is needed.