Kaohsiung man slashes high school girl with knife 20 times

Jilted Kaohsiung man viciously attacks high school girl with knife after she breaks up with him

(Kaohsiung City Police Department)

(Kaohsiung City Police Department)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A man allegedly viciously slashed a female high school student over 20 times after she told him that she wished to break up.

On Saturday evening (Sept. 7), a 22-year old man surnamed Tseng (曾) was informed by his girlfriend, a first-year high school student surnamed Yang (楊), that she wanted to break up, because he had only achieved a high-school education, reported UDN. Upon hearing her decision, Tseng reportedly ambushed her as she walked out of a shop and began to slash the woman wildly with a fruit knife.

Witnesses said that Tseng appeared to have "lost his mind" as he brutally attacked Yang on Wenzhong Road, according to UDN. Tseng then allegedly dragged Yang to the entrance of the store and slashed the defenseless petite student over 20 times, reported SET News.

(Kaohsiung City Police Department photo)

During the assault, Yang tried to shield herself with her hand, and he sliced off her middle, ring, and little fingers, according to SET News. He even sliced off a piece of her scalp, according to the report.

According to local media reports, the man suffers from a mental disorder and had gone into a blind rage when his former girlfriend wanted to stop seeing him. Before the assault, Tseng lie in wait outside of an exit of a store and ambushed Yang with the fruit knife in hand.

The female manager of the store tried to help by throwing a motorcycle helmet at Tseng. A male bystander who witnessed the brutal assault then kicked Tseng in the leg, before Tseng then threw the blade away and stood by the roadside.

(Kaohsiung City Police Department photo)

After receiving a report of an assault, police rushed to the scene and arrested Tseng on the spot. Paramedics found that Yang had suffered several injuries to her head, body, hands, and feet.

Yang was rushed to Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital for emergency treatment. She is undergoing intensive treatment and care and she is listed in stable condition.

Police are currently investigating and clarifying the details of the case.

(Kaohsiung City Police Department photo)