Joshua Wong detained at Hong Kong airport days after trip to Taiwan

Wong reportedly taken into custody for violating terms of bond agreement by traveling abroad

File photo: Joshua Wong in police van at district court in Hong Kong, Aug. 30

File photo: Joshua Wong in police van at district court in Hong Kong, Aug. 30 (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong (黃之鋒) was arrested at Hong Kong airport on Sunday (Sept. 8) morning, just days after his visit to Taiwan where he met with lawmakers and other pro-democracy groups this past week.

According to a Reuters report, Wong was arrested at the Hong Kong airport Sunday after returning from a trip to Germany and the U.S. The report suggests he has been charged with “violating the terms of his bond agreement” made after his previous arrest on Aug. 30.

Wong had just returned to Hong Kong from Taiwan on Sept. 5 and must have made a short trip to Germany and the U.S. Reports suggest that under the conditions of bail set by the court after his previous arrest that he was not allowed to leave the country.

However, Wong said that the court had approved his trip to the U.S. and Germany, and he thinks there may have been a mistake on his bail certificate. The Reuters report does not mention his trip to Taiwan.

ET Today reports that Wong was taken into custody by Hong Kong’s “Organized Crime and Triad Bureau” (OCTB) for questioning related to “inciting others to unlawfully assemble” and “knowingly participating in an unauthorized assembly”during protest actions that took place in June. Wong said that he expects to be released sometime Monday (Sept. 9).