Taiwan Foodpanda deliveryman seen riding NT$400,000 BMW motorcycle

Taiwanese man spotted riding NT$400,000 BMW naked supersport motorcycle to make Foodpanda delivery

(Photo from Facebook group 爆廢公社二館)

(Photo from Facebook group 爆廢公社二館)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese netizens were shocked on Wednesday (Sept. 4) to see a Foodpanda deliveryman zipping around on a luxury sport motorcycle rather than the standard low-end scooter.

On Wednesday, a member of the Facebook group Baofei Commune II (爆廢公社二館) uploaded a photo of a deliveryman riding a white BMW motorcycle with a Foodpanda box affixed to the back. In the post, the user wrote that she saw a Foodpanda deliveryman making his rounds on a BMW K1200R.

She then wrote, "Do you feel sad when making deliveries? Riding a heavy BMW motorcycle to make deliveries. It's embarrassing that you only make NT$29 per delivery." A brand new BMW K1200R, a German-made naked supersport motorcycle, had a base price of over NT$440,000 (US$14,000), though the production of the bike ended in 2008.

(Photo from Facebook group 爆廢公社二館)

Netizens mocked the deliveryman's souped-up ride:

"He was just looking for an excuse to take it for a ride."

"High-end deliveryman."

"What brother is delivering is coolness."

"Poverty limits my imagination."

"The life of rich people is like this ... dull and boring."

Others felt the netizen was being too trifling:

"Even if he made deliveries in a Ferrari, it's none of your business."

"What's wrong with people having other interests?"

"He doesn't lack money, just looking for something to do."

"It's an NT$29 service fee, OK? Who said you can't ride a heavy BMW motorcycle to make deliveries?"