Photo of the Day: Preggo gecko spotted in Taiwan

Engorged gecko drives Taiwanese netizens up the wall

(Photos from Facebook page 爆廢公社)

(Photos from Facebook page 爆廢公社)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese netizens were driven up the wall after images surfaced of an engorged gecko scurrying up the outside of a building.

In the photos, which were posted on the Facebook group Baofei Commune (爆廢公社) on Wednesday (Sept. 4), a bloated gecko can be seen scaling a wall. The images soon gained nearly 3,000 likes and 341 comments, with many Taiwanese netizens speculating that it was overfed by "Grandma" (阿嬤), suffering from edema, or had been lifting too many weights.

However, others suspected that it was simply pregnant and ready to pop. Geckos are oviparous, meaning they reproduce by laying eggs, with females generally laying one to two eggs per clutch.

Taiwanese netizens posited many theories about the gecko's puffy appearance:

"This was definitely raised by Grandma."

"Wow, he's really getting some good food at your house."

"It's so cute. Thanks to his hard work, you don't have any insects around your home."

"This place has a gym."

"The gecko you trained got huge."

"The gecko world's Dwayne Johnson."

"The gecko world's Michelin Man. Too cute."

"Gecko with severe edema."

"The gecko stayed in the bath for too long."

"He drank to much water before going to bed and got edema."

"This is a Komodo dragon!"

"Give it a little more and it will turn into a crocodile."


(Photo from Facebook group 爆廢公社)

(Photo from Facebook group 爆廢公社)

(Photo from Facebook group 爆廢公社)

(Photo from Facebook group 爆廢公社)