Taiwan to maintain current immigration procedures for those fleeing Hong Kong

Mainland Affairs Council responds to calls for Taiwan to simplify resettlement procedures

(MAC photo)

(MAC photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Well known Hong Kong pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong is in Taiwan and called on Taipei to assist the people of Hong Kong in opposing what he called the “White Terror” carried out by the Hong Kong government.

Wong also called for Taiwan to assist in making immigration and resettlement in Taiwan easier for Hong Kong citizens. On Tuesday (Sept. 3), Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) responded that the government will continue to treat the situation according to appropriate mechanisms and accepted international practices.

On Tuesday night, the MAC released a statement that emphasized Taiwan continues to respect human rights, and to promote liberty and democracy. On the issue of immigration from Hong Kong and Macao, the statement noted that relevant legal methods and procedures are in place and will continue to be followed.

The government will continue to abide by international regulations and agreements on the issue of resettlement and granting rights to incoming residents. The current mechanisms and system are regularly reviewed to ensure their efficiency, said the MAC.

Taiwan continues to monitor the situation in Hong Kong closely and will provide necessary assistance to those in need based on humanitarian considerations, reports CNA.